Crixell Communications – Intro Video

Challenge: Crixell Communications must convey key marketing messaging through compelling storytelling and visual imagery — quickly and clearly.

Solution: Different businesses serve different markets. But the one thing they have in common is that they all serve people. This creative concept features people of all walks of life, each with individual needs. But, together, they symbolize the various markets and trends that businesses must address and serve in order to stay competitive.

Results: This video has successfully resonated with a wide variety of businesses and organizations. The clear, concise messaging works across industries and has generated business from a wide variety of clients.

Wistron – Explainer Video

Challenge: Wistron is one of the three largest technology manufacturers in the world. However, virtually no one knows them but their existing customers.

Solution: Wistron is made up of a number of business units, each of which builds different products. To introduce Wistron as an industry leader with wide-reaching capabilities, I highlighted how Wistron’s smartphone pioneering mastery has led to innovations and refinement of Smart Home appliances and beyond.

Results: By educating the public about who Wistron is and what they do, this video has brought Wistron business growth from new clients and renewed sales opportunities from existing clients.

Borland Software – Explainer Video

Challenge: Borland was set to launch a new application at a national conference of IT professionals, but they didn’t know how to present it to such a jaded audience.

Solution: I recognized that software developers are living, breathing human beings, who appreciate tools that make their work easier. So I created a humorous video aimed at the human condition of needing clear communication so that all can evolve. And succeed.

Results: This video received a standing ovation from conference attendees and wide-spread tech press articles. Borland was soon acquired by Micro Focus, a UK industry leader, which launched a marketing campaign based on my caveman/human communication motif.

WiFi Alliance – Explainer Video

Challenge: WiFi Alliance is a brain trust that invented and develops wifi technology. They needed videos to demonstrate use cases and capabilities to international markets — but without words.

Solution: Research showed that people everywhere love pantomimed cartoons. I created characters without obvious ethnicity that people everywhere could relate to.

Results: WiFi Alliance saw universal recognition and understanding of their technology benefits from businesses around the world. The text in these videos was localized in various languages to address markets across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

HotSchedules – Explainer Video

Challenge: HotSchedules developed revolutionary restaurant staff management software. They needed to communicate its benefits and features directly to store managers and owners.

Solution: I recognized that the quickest, clearest way to reach an industry is to speak in its own terms. The answer was to visually and emotionally illustrate the overwhelming complexity of a restaurant manager’s typical work day.

Results: HotSchedules presented this video at a National Restaurant Association trade show, and the response was impressive: they signed up over one hundred new accounts. And with this video on their website, that number has grown to thousands of new clients in succeeding years.

SmartPicture – Explainer Video

Challenge: SmartPicture Technologies developed a smartphone app that can measure any surface accurately. But how to demonstrate that?

Solution: Research showed that the two main markets for this app would be DIY’ers and contractors. So I created a scenario to illustrate how this app could benefit each, and bring these two sectors together and boost sales.

Results: SmartPicture debuted this video at their booth at the SXSW Technology Conference in Austin. As a result, they came away with sales, business leads and widespread coverage by the tech press.

Crossfire Pro™ – Intro Video

Challenge: Entegra built a completely modular rugged tablet that could stand up to military and industrial use. No one had ever achieved this before. They had to tell the world.

Solution: I realized that people needed to see the extent of modular customization of this new rugged computer tablet. As such, the best approach was to use 3D animation.

Results: After Entegra launched this video on its website, it got press coverage in The Wall Street Journal as well as in the entire technology world. This video quickly and clearly illustrated the power and potential of their ground-breaking product.

fonePAK – Commercial

Challenge: fonePAK wanted to introduce its new wallet case for iPhones that showcased its simple ease of use and security.

Solution: A key feature of an iPhone is its slim, sleek design. I determined that the fonePAK case should demonstrate how unobtrusively it protects the phone while offering easy access to secured valuables.

Results: Using this intro video, fonePAK was able to land a product distribution deal with Canadian big box stores.

Crossfire Pro – Lead Generation Video

Challenge: Entegra wanted to create a big splash for its revolutionary modular tablet for industry.

Solution: Because the concepts of this computer were so different than the status quo, I decided to use provocative graphics and typography to prime viewers to expect the unexpected from Entegra.

Results: Entegra placed this video in social media and on its website — garnering much media exposure and sales lead generation.

Fungry – Commercial

Challenge: Fungry wanted to showcase how hip, quick and easy to use its new food-ordering smartphone app is – all in 30 seconds.

Solution: To appeal to a young demographic, I decided to present this new concept as a great “why didn’t I think of that” idea – on a fast food napkin.

Results: Fungry received great interest in the app by showing how food truck vendors and customers can transact seamlessly with one another – wherever they are.